What's In The Jar?

What's In The Jar?

We have had some questions lately regarding our Kasbah Design range of candles and where we source them from so I thought I'd give you the low down on the boring but important stuff!  First up, our candles are all individually hand made by us in our studio in Coatesville, Auckland. That means we mix, pour, wick, label, cure, package and give each candle the love it deserves before it makes it's way to your doorstep.  When you buy a Kasbah Design candle, you are buying a genuine 100% New Zealand made product. Yes! 

Now, what are our candles actually made of?  We choose to use a 100% natural plant based soy wax as we believe it is much kinder to the environment and your wellbeing.  It is GMO free and contains no paraffin and no unnatural additives.  The fragrance oils that we use are sourced from a fragrance house in the USA and guaranteed to be 100% phthalate free. 

The wood wicks in our large candles are made from American Softwood and are designed specifically for use in soy wax. The wood is sourced from renewable resources grown by eco-friendly suppliers in the USA.  It is not bleached or treated with any harsh chemicals and a natural oil is used to assist with performance and burning.  Likewise, our cotton wicks are all natural and are zinc and lead free.  They are made from pure cotton with a paper core and a paper braid running through the wick.

Our candle jars are all reusable and make lovely hold-alls or small vases once you've finished with your candle.  Simply peel the label off, remove the wick, wash and re-use. (Note: you should not allow the candle to burn less than 1cm from the bottom of the jar as the temperature will get too hot for the glass and damage the surface it is sitting on or break the glass.  Soy wax is soft enough to just scrape the remaining 1cm of wax into the bin once it gets to that stage)

We offer a 10% discount off your next purchase if you return your packaging boxes to us as long as they are still in excellent condition.  Just flatten them, post them back to us and we will email you your discount code.  Alternatively, make sure you put the cardboard out with your recycling rubbish.

We care about the environment and are aiming to completely do away with any use of plastics in our packaging by the end of 2017.  

So, there you have it, Kasbah Design candles laid bare.

Thanks for making it this far,

Kas xx



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