Tealight Burner

Tealight Burner

$18.00 $23.00

For use with our soy melts, tealight burners are a great alternative to candles.  Pop one of our soy melts into the top of the burner, light a tealight underneath and once the wax melts, your room will be filled with a gorgeous scent.  Our burners come in two colour options - black or white and our soy melts are designed to fit perfectly in the bowl.

The melt can be left to harden in the bowl in between burns until it eventually evaporates.  If you want to change to a different soy melt scent, just place the whole burner in the freezer for 20 mins (once cooled) and the soy melt will come away easily from the bowl with a knife and can be stored back in it's gift box ready for you to try a different scent.

(melts and tealights sold separately)